An IEEE Software Technology Transfer Conference

April 15-18, 1996, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society - Technical Council on Software Engineering With Corporate
Support from Fujitsu and MCI


ICRE '96 with two pre-conference tutorials is the second in a biennial series of conferences aimed at bringing together practitioners and researchers to discuss software requirements engineering related problems and results. Further, as a technology transfer conference, it is designed to provide (1) practitioners with an evaluation of promising requirements research and practice, and (2) researchers with an exposure to real-world requirements problems. ICRE is the only conference earns the designation "An IEEE Software Magazine Technology Transfer Conference " for meeting the stringent requirements concerning emphasis on technology transfer. Participants should leave the conference with unique understanding of (1) the challenges facing writers and maintainers of requirements documents for complex systems, (2) available short-term solutions to requirements problems, and (3) solutions that may be available in the future as well as pointers to short and long-term research directions.


Conference Resort and Local Attractions


ICRE'96 Program includes papers on a wide range of requirements topics addressing theory and/or practice.

Experience and Ripe Fruits Papers
reflect on the nature of, solutions to real-world requirements problems, and describe research results that authors believe are ready for immediate use in practice. Special consideration is given to experience papers.
Research Papers
describe outcomes of near-term research projects addressing realistic requirements problems.

The best papers in the conference will be considered for publication in IEEE Software.


ICRE'96 includes panels that focus on requirements engineering controversies, especially those that highlight the gulf between requirements research and practice. More details will be available in the near future.


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